Basic essentials of the hottest packaging design

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The basic essentials of packaging design

first, the packaging function should be good

the primary factor to reflect whether the packaging function is good is to require the packaging structure to be very reasonable. And the primary condition to reflect this rationality is whether the selection of packaging materials is reasonable. At present, packaging materials are basically paper, plastic, glass and metal. The choice of materials depends on the form of goods, Different choices of materials are not entirely based on cost accounting, but also for the convenience of consumers. Appropriate capacity is another important factor to reflect the rationality of packaging structure, and appropriate capacity will bring examples to users, In this way, it is convenient for storage and transportation. The reasonable selection of materials and the reasonable arrangement of capacity play a direct role in the promotion of the above common experiments in the whole process of selling goods. Strive to be scientific and reasonable, that is,

reasonable and convenient structure,

protect goods, as mentioned above,

appropriate capacity is suitable for storage,

appropriate materials are conducive to promotion

second sight The effect should be eye-catching

the commodity packaging design should have a strong impact on the shelf, so that it can play the role of self publicity and self promotion. Therefore, in the packaging design, in the setting of color, composition and pattern, we should pay great attention to our own, contrast and appropriate grasp. In the design of color, we should strive to be simple, bright, and the color level should be as few as possible, But the contrast between colors should be very clear: the pattern requires exquisite modeling, Affirmation of method: the composition should be complete and generous, stretch and stable. Pay attention to the goods themselves and their surroundings in the design. The principle is that with the development of single chip technology, other goods should be appropriately compared in the packaging design effect.

three visual focuses should be reasonable

1. Determination of the main exhibition surface

at the beginning of the design, we should first determine which side of all the exhibition surfaces is the main exhibition surface, Which is the secondary exhibition surface? The relationship between the primary and secondary surfaces, etc. the text and graphics on the primary exhibition surface are the design theme. As the location of the theme, the brand, product name and image of the commodity should be arranged. Other copywriting can be arranged on the secondary exhibition surface, such as the name of the experimental industry group whose enterprise can better withstand a wide range of consumer users, the production date, specification and model of the product, Instructions for use, etc.

2. Make reasonable arrangements, comparisons and foil for visual strength and visual depth, so as to highlight the visual focus.

in the design, the shaping of graphics, the use of colors and the height of positions should be primary and secondary, and the primary and secondary should be clear.

four information transmission should be detailed

when the visual focus is captured, with the visual depth, we will also get other auxiliary documents related to commodities, For example, the specification, fortunately, composition, quantity, nature, characteristics, use method, factory name, address, number, etc. of the commodity enable consumers to have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the commodity, and generate an unlimited sense of trust in the product, so as to further stimulate their purchase desire, and finally realize the purchase action.

five process conditions should meet

1. The combination of design and printing

2. For new processes and new materials, Adaptability of new technology

3. Ink technology should be excellent

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