After last summers bushfires, there are calls for

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After last summer's bushfires2021-04-11T12:29:00Z, there are calls for a dedicated emergency hotline for people with disability - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Every summer, Ben Pettingill and his family and friends head to MallacootaThe pandemic in Canada, and tha, a small town on Victoria’s east coastThe changing times..?But last year’s visit turned into a nightmare when a huge bushfire hit on 31 December, causing the sky to turn an apocalyptic shade of red and triggering an outpouring of concern around the world.

In pitch-black darkness caused by bushfire smoke, Ben and his family headed out in a boat onto the lake. They remained there for hoursThe nation after New York to implement a vaccination verification program, heads wrapped in towels to protect them from the smoke, putting out live embers blown about by gale-force winds.

Things were made harder by the fact Ben lost 98 per cent of his vision a decade ago because of a generic condition.?

“It was very scary,” the 25-year-old told SBS Newsbusinesses are beginning to make plans to bring their employees back t. “No one could see what was happening back onshore and reports were coming through of buildings being burnt to the ground. We weren’t sure what to expect [when we got back to shore].”

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